Friday, December 02, 2005

Aapko ghartak...

Aapko ghartak...thats the punchline of the newly released movie, Home Delivery. Sujoy Ghosh, who had made a pretty good film called Jhankaar Beats, needs some medical help, usse koi ghar chhod aao...

I had some expectations from the film, considering the director's earlier attempt. But no...this thing falls flat on the face. The movie starts amidst a lot of confusion. There is some Gyanguru and there is some Naani, his girlfriend. They keep on having mindless conversations, which have been made to seem funny, but they are not even close. The viewer just cannot relate to what is happening on screen.

Then within a matter of few minutes, character after character is introduced. There are even 2-3 cameos, by AB junior, Sunil Shetty, Naseeruddin Shah & Karan Johar. I dont know what was tried to be said by using these cameos.

The humour put in, forcibly, is out of place and not funny in the first place. Comedians like Boman Irani, Tiku Talsania have been completely wasted, there roles are so ill defined, rather all the characters are ill defined.

The film gets some pace and appears a bit funny with the entry of Maya, the "item" south-indian actress, played by Mahima Choudary. She leaves no stone unturned in trying to be as item as possible. You can watch the movie for this half hour, for reasons stated just before this line :P

Later the film falls back to its incurable sickness and then it sucks...have to say, havent seen a movie more crappy than this till date, yes till date.

The best thing during the movie was, when theres a shot where Karan Johar ogles at Mahima, somebody around me in the hall passed a remark, "abe woh ladki hai..."

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Sudeep said...

I avoided going to tht today... instead going for Apaharan tonite

But if i see it .. will do so for Mahima ;)

abe woh ladki hai...
too gud.. his lolly must have slipped outta his mouth ;p