Sunday, November 27, 2005


Just done with reading The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and The Restaurant at the end of the Universe, both by Douglas Adams. Actually Hitchhiker's is a trilogy in 4 parts, which was later extended to 5. Douglas Neil Adams popularly known in his fan following as DNA has his own universe of humour...

DNA was the pioneer of the genre of science fiction comedy. And i hardly know anybody else who has the capacity to deal with this kind of fusion. His books were...sorry are immensely popular, he later adapted them for radio, then for tv for computer games & recently for cinema. I am awaiting the release of The Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy (H2G2)...donno why it hasnt been released here till now.

His works are unique in style, in content, the wry humour and just about everything. The dialogues & quotations from the books have become immortal, theres even a fortune set of those for those interested. He has own fan club and has developed a cult following. The characters from the trilogy are amazingly popular, the confused Arthur Dent, the confident guy Ford Prefect, the over-confident intelligent-dumb guy Zaphod Beeblerox & the lovable, depressed robot Marvin. I would say Marvin's popularity is unrivalled in the history of robots...R2D2 doesnt even come close.

In a survey held recently somewhere...hmmm Slashdot i think, H2G2 topped the list of 20 books that were supposedly geek favs. I dont know why it was called geek's list when should have been 20 best science fiction novels list, theres nothing geeky about it.

I have taken a break before proceeding with the other 2 sequels...Life, the Universe & Everything and So Long, thanks for all the fish. Currently i have begun with the book i wanted to read since the past year or so, Zen & the Art of Motorcycle maintenance.

And if anybody has the 5th book in the H2G2 trilogy, Mostly Harmless, do let me know.

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I m reading Digital Fortress currently..