Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Flyer

I have been designing posters for a while now. It started with the first one i made for the my department at college. The problem when you make something for your own department is that everybody from the peon, lecturers, colleagues have a say in what should be done, how it should be done. And believe me it gets to your head very soon. That time i had decided no more work to be done for the department. But hell, something made me do it again the next year. This time the pain was much more, with people having a say in every font used & every color used. And i gave that up halfway, and i have no regrets for that. I know what it means by creative freedom, and i definitely like to guard mine.

Kshitti has been outsourcing imaging works to me for a while now. Last time i had made a poster for the Sinhgad Chemical Engineering Dept. for their paper presentation event. And i was lucky to get a party for doing the work. As otherwise in the case of the work i did for my own department at college, twice.People dont appreciate this kinda work much, except than saying "...it looks nice", so it feels nice when somebody does.

This time it was a flyer ( a pamphlet) for the Ganesh Chaturthi event organised by some HSC(Hindu Students Council) at Illionis Institute, Chicago.

It just gives a great deal of satisfaction to see a completed piece like this, however simplistic it might be.

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Kshitij said...

newton saheb,
I hope i gave you all the creative freedom that u needed on both the occations..so just i say it one more time..'good job'..as far the party goes..u will get one when either u come down to Chicago..or i come there to Pune..whichever is earlier!!!

Parag said...

You sure did, thats why you find a mention here, and i appreciate that.

Sudeep said...

Gr8 work... have to come down to Lila Park to learn a few things

Happy Ganesh Utsav

Satwik said...

Boss, fundu banaya hai. What did you use to make this? I thought you were only good at drawing on my white board with markers!