Sunday, August 14, 2005


Type : Review
Rating : ***1/2

Never earlier did i watch a movie show more costly. 170 bucks, damn. But a friend had done the booking & i had to go by it. The story is basically exaggerated & it appears necessary for the dramatization. But even then the story is flaky. The movie starts with a very nice morphing of a painting into a actual picture & the Mangal...Mangal... high pitch piece that just keeps growing on you.

The the music aint that great other than for Mangal...Mangal... & the mujra. The movie could have appealed better without the rest of the songs which are literally useless, including one vulgar item song. It is here that it loses all its authenticity, baam. Another hiccup is the way India is shown, snakes, elephants again & typical Afghani looking market.If our people depict us like this why the hell that we blame others. Other than this there are some technical glitches like, two shots where theres a fly on the actor's face. And this other shot where the Rangoon platoon is shown in the sea with graphically generated ships. When you make a mass entertainment media & that too of this stature you must take care about these things.

The film rests completely on the shoulders of Aamir Khan, with his intense performance. His heavy statured, moustached, long haired sepoy look is just too awesome. He lives & breathes the role & feels like a convincing Mangal Pandey, the martyr. Some of the shots bring that patriotic shiver in you, what more can be said. Equally is, Toby Stephens who emotes very well while still handling the Hindi. While there are scores of other actors wasted in ill defined characters. Some characters like Tatya Tope, Rani Lakshmi bai are there just for two scenes. Rani Mukherjee & Amisha Patel have no appreciable length to their roles, completely wasted. The movie looks very colorful which it shouldnt & there are some inappropriate things like rural people dressed with Rin safedi white clothes.

The director, Ketan Mehta, who made junk like "O Darling yeh hai India" & some interesting things like "Captain Vyom" gets the film 2/3 right & 1/3 junk. If it would have been given to a better editor i bet the film would have turned out well. The sad part is that the 1/3rd part makes the film lose its strength.

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Sudeep said...

Probably my 130 loss is stronger n harsher than ur 170 even if the titles of the posts almost

Actually, if u go n see this movie without knowing or not expecting anything 'bout Mangal it might prove worth.. who knows!!

btw.. i missed the fly.. which scenes were those?