Monday, July 25, 2005

The Mahabaleshwar trip

My timepassing self continues to dominate. This weekend it was Mahabaleshwar again, i must have been there 4-5 times before, but i keep going there, seeing the same places, the same rain, the same same. But who cares, as long as I enjoy ;)

We started off on Saturday morning. Takes around 3 hours to reach, we got down at Panchgani. Its a nice town, in winter it feels like England & in rains like Cherrapunji. It is pretty evident why those phirangis must have stayed there & they have left more than their marks. There are some 22 big missionary schools in that small town ! Coming to the track, we got ourselves a room, you cant believe it 4 beds, a verandah, a TV in a decently posh hotel at 660 bucks. We were real lucky, did i mention it was off-season.

Visited Pratapgad for the first & the last time. Theres nothing on the fort worth seeing, absolutely nothing. Its crammed with hawkers & theres hardly much of the old construction left. Highly not recommended. After lunch we went to those typical Mahabaleshwar spots, but they looked good with the rain & clouds. By 7 we were back resting at the hotel.

Night out in Panchgani is always cool, particularly if you play dumb charades, cards, watch a movie & have a walk on the windy-silent streets accompanied by those whoosh whoosh sounds. On the other day, Sunday, we spent time at leisure at the table land. It was fun throwing stones in the ponds up there. We also saw, what people call Pandavas footprints. One wonders what were all the Pandavas doing at the same spot on one leg & so close. And how did they manage to put footprints in hard rock, interestingly all the footprints together look like a dinosaur's print.

We got going after lunch, sadly we couldnt get a seat in the bus back, & came standing to Wai, through the Panchgani ghat. It felt like punishment, standing with the bag, nauseating stomach & swinging at every curve. It took us 10 min to come to normalise at the Wai bus stand.

By 7 i was home & it was a trip to remember.

PS: Kshitti, its so so so sad that you missed it !

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Sudeep said...

Must have been a nice trip for sure. Good u went early otherwise the current weather would have made it really horrible to chill out.