Sunday, April 10, 2005

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I disappoint me so much so many times, may be presence of certain individuals makes me awkward. And i have learnt to ignore it & that is what concerns. Ignorance is NOT bliss.

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The papal legacy, the Sistine Chapel, the conclave...while all this is happening in real i am reading the same stuff in Angels & Daemons. Coincidently TOI also seems to have notice this Brown connection. Things shouldnt coincide beyond this juncture. Well in the book Vatican is over a time bomb that too one made of Antimatter !!

TSS 17298
The hypnosis over me to try & test linux distros remains. This time i ended up running kUbuntu, the KDE version of Ubuntu on my desktop, after a lot of fight. Its pointless reasoning out the fight cause there are a lot of problems that seem to surface only on my m/c, my good old VIA C3 800. Ghosh ! a friend told me they are using this in a embedded phone. But i am in no mood to update. I have made a kinda pledge that the next m/c i buy will be a Laptop. But am awaiting the other genre of Laptop more...!!

As for kUbuntu it has the clean package management of Ubuntu/Debian. Thats all a distro can do, provide nice & easy & dependency hell free package management. As for the rest of kUbuntu its all KDE 3.4. Its noticeably fast.If you ask me it has a usability & productivity index of 9/10. Every part of KDE has a consistent look, things like mail, rss readers, music players & lot of other apps are fully integrated with the desktop. The new image viewer GwenView is a good, better than ACDsee but i read the LPhoto of Linspire is the best, its a clone of Picassa. KDE is so almost complete & on the eye candy part it has been always ahead of everybody except for the Mac. And of what i read of KDE 4 its going to blow out a lot of whistles. Whistler is gone & so is Whistler's m$other !( ever seen Bean the movie ?)

TSS: Task State Segment, incase you keep wondering what the crap was the title. And i know it still sounds crap :D.

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hey ,
where did u come to know about kde4 , i tried looking at the kde home site and page , but found no reference to kde4

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