Monday, October 18, 2004

A Call again...

Software engineers never escape one thing whatever
technology they may be working in...the long boring
dizzying nauseating conference calls with clients.
Though am a fresher n still working on the same project
i started with i have already attended some 10-15 odd
calls each lasting a mind blowing one and a half to
two hours ! Like Einstein has very wonderfully stated
his explanation of theory of relativity, if u sit on a
hot stove for 1 sec it feels like 1 hr but if u sit beside
a beautiful lady for 1 hr it feels like a sec. Superimposing
on this the 1 min of client call is like an hour, and u
desperately wait for it to get over...desperately ! It gets
even more mentally torturing when the guy ur talking is out
of sync or ur out of sync, and that is mostly the case...

I really admire the Project Managers' community who have the
herculean strength to handle 3-4 calls in a row.An the
greatest irony of the situation is that i am leaving for
a conference call right now...God Help Me.

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